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Data observability is the degree of visibility you have into your data at any point in time. It helps you be the first to know about data issues, ensure trust in data, and empower your organization to use data to make more informed decisions.

With data observability: Businesses make more informed decisions by providing a clear picture of the context and quality of their data.

Without data observability: Data teams can miss data issues, such as data inconsistency, outdated or incorrect data, and data silos.

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Key elements of successful data observability to discover

Continuous data monitoring

Does our data sufficient to meet internal & external needs?

Spend monitoring

How much money are we using for/allocating across our data stack?

Data incident management

How do we keep track of issues, assign owners, and measure the quality of our data over time?

Usage analytics

What is the who, when, how and why of data assets usage?

Root cause analysis

What upstream dependencies caused issues to happen?

Query profiling

How can I optimize data assets and stakeholder queries?

Impact analysis

What are the downstream consequences of a data quality issue, when one does occur?

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Metaplane data observability platform: better data, for your whole team

Know when things break

Machine learning-based monitoring for all of your data quality metrics that learns and adjusts itself as your data evolves

Know what went wrong

Column level lineage generated from your metadata that integrates with all your tools

Know how to prevent it

Forecast downstream changes from model updates and add schema change alerts for all tables

Data Quality Management

Receive the alerts you want to the channels you want. Group monitors, objects, and incidents into custom dashboards

Metaplane has everything I need in one place. It gives me full visibility into the quality and performance of my data.

Marion Pavillet
Senior Analytics Engineer

Using Metaplane feels like having another data team member dedicated to keeping up and watching every change.

Jake Hannan
Sr. Manager, Data Platform

Census helps me amplify analytics engineering work by ensuring data is used for more than just reporting. Metaplane helps me move faster, more confidently, and with greater trust from stakeholders.

Julie Beynon
Head of Data

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