Why choose Metaplane over Monte Carlo?

Only Metaplane combines best-in-class anomaly detection with automated testing in pull requests to ensure data quality issues can be prevented whenever possible—and alerting your team immediately when they can’t.
Trusted by HUNDREDS OF high-leverage data teams
Data CI/CD: incident prevention
Halt PRs with unintended effects and prevent data quality issues from hitting the warehouse.

Raise awareness of data quality starting in the pull request

Metaplane can run checks directly in your source control system to ensure your data team can merge changes with confidence.

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Understand the impact of changes

Renaming or removing a column? Metaplane will tell you if you’re about to break a downstream BI dashboard or table before you merge any pull request.

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“Other solutions were overly complex and tedious to implement. For what I needed, it would have been boiling the ocean, and paying for it too.
— Marion Pavilett
Senior Analytics Engineer
Best-in-class anomaly detection
Instantly detect anomalies with a machine learning model that learns from your historical metadata.

Train on significantly more historical data

Monte Carlo only uses the past 2-5 weeks of data, while Metaplane trains on the entire history of data.

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Fastest time to first alert

Metaplane takes 3-5 days to learn before starting to alert, and includes easy fine-grain control to make sure noise isn't an issue.

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“We started getting alerts from Metaplane right away as people made changes to our models but also to the underlying data that powers them. Within the first week, we started getting extremely useful alerts about volume, row count, and freshness.”
— Charles Lariviere
Director of Data Science
End-to-end column-level lineage
Get the full picture of your data environment, from sources to BI tools and everything between.

Connect everything that touches data, upstream and downstream

Metaplane extracts column-level lineage from databases to dashboards so you can assess downstream impact, prioritize work, and notify the right people.

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Mature support for transactional dbs

Metaplane has supported transactional databases since day 1, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server.

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“When a new person joins the team, one of the first things I point them to is Metaplane because it empowers them to see how pieces of our stack relate to one another.
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  • Unlimited monitored tables
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  • Warehouse spend analysis
  • Configuration-as-code (YAML)
  • Advanced API + CLI
  • Custom integrations
  • SSO Okta, AD, SAML
  • Custom contracts (MSA, DPA, etc.)
  • Shared Slack channel


“I spook people with how quickly I find data issues now, because of Metaplane. I know when events are created with crappy names, when there are new attributes, when someone puts a unique ID in a segment event. It gives me the kind of understanding I want to have about what’s going on and helps me catch issues that are painful to untangle.”

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