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Monitor your entire warehouse in 30 minutes. Identify downstream impact with automated warehouse-to-BI lineage.
Automated incident detection, impact analysis, root cause diagnosis
Pricing that makes sense for teams of all sizes
End-to-end data observability in 15 minutes
Trusted by leading data teams

#1 mEasiest to use
data observability platform

“Data observability
in minutes. Gain
stakeholder credibility”
“Learn about data issues
before executives tell you
about them”
"Swiss army knife
of data quality

The Metaplane platform

Save time and money with immediate monitoring, warehouse spend monitoring, purposeful alerts, and always ease of setup and use.

Transforming data teams

See how our customers leverage Metaplane to ensure trust in data
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Add observability to every part of your data stack

Metaplane integrates with every part of the modern data stack: from warehouses, to transformation tools, to BI platforms, and alert destinations.
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Built for enterprise
scale and security

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Ensure trust in data

Start monitoring your data in minutes.

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