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End-to-end data observability platform for data teams of 1 or 100+

ML-based monitoring with historical metadata

Metaplane's monitors learn from historical metadata to detect anomalies while accounting for seasonality, trends, and feedback from your team.

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A graph displaying a 'Row count' metric with a consistent pattern that suddenly drops sharply, triggering an alert indicating the metric is lower than expected with an option to 'Go to incident.

Prevent data quality issues in pull requests

Halt PRs with unintended effects and prevent data quality issues from hitting the warehouse. Metaplane can run checks directly in your source control system to ensure your data team can merge changes with confidence.

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A screenshot of a pull request with a test preview report from a bot, showing test warnings and a table with column tests indicating changes in data values.

Automated lineage throughout your stack

Metaplane extracts column-level lineage from databases to dashboards so you can assess downstream impact, prioritize work, and notify the right people.

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A diagram featuring a data connector titled 'SALES_CONNECTOR' linked to a 'RENEWAL_DATE' database table, which in turn is connected to various sales-related dashboards. The table lists data columns like 'DATE_AT', 'ORGANIZATION_ID', and others.

Discover how your data is being used

Track who (or what) is querying your data to identify which assets deserve your attention and resources

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An interface displaying a list of databases like 'VIDBOX_DB' and 'SALESFORCE', each with a number of queries and alert icons, indicating their activity and status. One is highlighted as 'Queried most often'.

Stay on top of warehouse schema changes

Get real-time notifications about new/deleted/renamed schemas, tables, and columns

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A flowchart showing a schema change alert from a Metaplane notification, with connections to various database tables and dashboards, indicating updates needed due to added and deleted tables and columns.

Catch stuck or long-running jobs as they happen

Monitor your dbt jobs on autopilot and get real-time alerts about abnormal runs

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Break through the noise with actionable notifications

Identify root causes, downstream impact, and understand incident prioritization in less time with Metaplane

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Metaplane and Data Observability Overview Guide

How Metaplane helps you improve data quality to trust your data

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Add observability to every part of your data stack

Metaplane integrates with every part of the modern data stack: from warehouses, to transformation tools, to BI platforms, and alert destinations.
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