Observability for the modern data stack.
Data pipelines don't have to be a black box.

Find, diagnose, and fix data quality issues before they break your team's dashboards.

Datadog for your Data.

No more debugging in the dark. Achieve end-to-end visibility from data sources to BI dashboards and everything in between.
Discover data issues (before your head of marketing does)
Broken downstream systems tend to become your test suite.

With Metaplane, you can set custom tests or let our systems create automated ones from historical patterns in your data.
Know when things fail, immediately
Whether you use Slack, Teams, e-mail, or AIM, get detailed alerts at the first signs of trouble and automatically make dependent teams aware.
Data tool ecosystem visualization
Everything you need to debug
Data engineers regularly spend hours debugging across five tabs and a terminal session.

Metaplane centralizes metadata from your tools so you only have to look in one place.

Our Mission

“Is this dashboard broken?”
“Are these numbers right?”
“Why aren't the accounts up-to-date?”

You check the dashboard to see if it looks wrong, but lack enough context. You start moving upstream, system after system, but it's difficult to find the metadata and logs that you need. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, because this is going to be a while.

As a data engineer, your company relies on you to provide timely and correct data. But things inevitably break. Using today’s tools, it’s hard to know when things break, understand how this impacts other systems, and debug root causes.

This was the state of software engineering before observability tools like Datadog become a part of the modern software engineering stack.

We're building Metaplane because we believe data engineers deserve these same tools. If you think so too, we'd love to chat.

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