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Monitor your entire warehouse in 30 minutes. Identify downstream impact with automated warehouse-to-BI lineage.
Automated incident detection, impact analysis, root cause diagnosis
Pricing that makes sense for teams of all sizes
End-to-end data observability in 15 minutes
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Data observability platform

“Data observability
in minutes. Gain
stakeholder credibility”
“Learn about data issues
before executives tell you
about them”
"Swiss army knife
of data quality

Ensure trust and save time

Trust takes seconds to lose and months to regain. Gain peace-of-mind with data observability built for teams of all sizes.

Maximize test coverage without writing code

Monitor hundreds of tables and columns within minutes in Metaplane, from foundational tests to custom SQL and everything in between.

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ML-based monitoring with historical metadata

Metaplane's monitors learn from historical metadata to detect anomalies while accounting for seasonality, trends, and feedback from your team.

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Automated lineage throughout your stack

Metaplane extracts column-level lineage from databases to dashboards so you can assess downstream impact, prioritize work, and notify the right people.

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Track row count and freshness for all tables — automatically

Every table in your Snowflake warehouse can be tracked by default, even if you haven't added anomaly monitoring. Then add monitoring with no training period, instantly.

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Monitor warehouse spend

Metaplane can ping you when we spot an unusual increase in spending—keeping your costs under control and making sure you’re using your resources most efficiently.

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Prevent data quality issues in pull requests

Halt PRs with unintended effects and prevent data quality issues from hitting the warehouse. Metaplane can run checks directly in your source control system to ensure your data team can merge changes with confidence.

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Alerts where and when you need them

Get notified of incidents immediately in Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, or e-mail. Metaplane groups together related issues into Incidents, then learns over time as you interact with alerts.

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How Metaplane helps you improve data quality to trust your data

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The Metaplane platform

Save time and money with immediate monitoring, warehouse spend monitoring, purposeful alerts, and always ease of setup and use.

Transforming data teams

See how our customers leverage Metaplane to ensure trust in data
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Add observability to every part of your data stack

Metaplane integrates with every part of the modern data stack: from warehouses, to transformation tools, to BI platforms, and alert destinations.
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