Metadata catalog for modern data teams.
Stop wrestling with Javascript, rolling your own connectors, and maintaining yet-another-tool.

Start centralizing metadata that amplifies the value of your existing data investments.

Make metadata easy.

Automatically collect metadata with prebuilt connectors.
Connect to the warehouses and tools you already use, like Snowflake, Hive, and Kafka, through a simple UI.
An intuitive interface for discovery, curation, and annotation.
Discover relevant data through a Google-like search that ranks results based on names, tags, trust, and popularity.
Deliver context where your team needs it most.
Access data and get updates via Slack or our Chrome extension. Or use our REST/GraphQL API to build your own extensions.

Delivered how you want it.

Extensible API
The single source of truth should not be the single place of consumption.
Easy set-up and management
Deployed as managed SaaS or cloud-prem.
Pricing that makes sense
Transparent pricing per seat without having to "talk to us".
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Our Mission

“What does this column mean?”
“How was this metric calculated?”
“Can I trust this table?”

If you’ve been asked these questions, we’re sorry. You know that while ELT and storage are becoming solved problems, fragmented metadata is becoming more of one. It’s so easy to lose the two things that you can’t get back: time and trust.

While parts of the problem are people and processes, ultimately, documentation sucks. But having the right tools can help. We think the best tool for battling fragmented metadata is a catalog that tries to do most of the work for you then makes it easy to fill out the rest. If a tool is a chore to use, people don’t use it.

That tool should work out of the box without having to manage a Kubernetes cluster or (even worse) write Javascript. At the end of the day, we believe data teams are the highest leverage teams at a company, and exist to amplify the value of the tools and people around them.

We’re building Metaplane to amplify the leverage of data teams.