Observability for the modern data stack.
Data pipelines don't have to be a black box.

Find, diagnose, and fix data quality issues before they break your team's dashboards.
We expose a lot of data and dashboards to our executive team. It really erodes trust when an exec catches a data quality issue—one that we may not have even known existed—and has to call me out on it. Since we installed Metaplane, the number of callouts over bad data has dropped to near zero.
Andy Mackenzie
Data Lead, Appcues

Datadog for your Data.

No more debugging in the dark. Achieve end-to-end visibility from data sources to BI dashboards and everything in between.
Discover data issues (before your head of marketing does)
Broken downstream systems tend to become your test suite.

With Metaplane, you can set custom tests or let our systems create automated ones from historical patterns in your data.
Know when things fail, immediately
Whether you use Slack, Teams, e-mail, or AIM, get detailed alerts at the first signs of trouble and automatically make dependent teams aware.
Data tool ecosystem visualization
Everything you need to debug
Data engineers regularly spend hours debugging across five tabs and a terminal session.

Metaplane centralizes metadata from your tools so you only have to look in one place.
Metaplane alerts us to problems that would otherwise have gone undiscovered until much later. Before now, we've never had a practical way to monitor the hundreds of tables in our warehouse, and we'd learn something was wrong when a business user informed us. Metaplane is exactly the monitoring tool that was missing from our toolbox.
Peter Jaffe
Head of Data, Teachable

Add observability to your data stack.

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