Column-level lineage across your entire data stack

Get the full picture of your data environment, from sources to BI tools and everything between—with no manual setup required.

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How lineage and impact analysis work


Conduct impact analyses with confidence

Quickly investigate anomalies to see what data products are affected

Understand how raw data affects your medallion architecture

Communicate data quality issues to the right stakeholders

End-to-end lineage
Upstream insights

Triage faster

Clean up data right at the source table to mitigate tiresome backfilling work

Identify unused objects to improve data hygiene

Understand connector outages stemming from your ETL/ELT tools

Learn more

Take the guesswork out of refactoring

See tables at scale or drill into specific columns

Search for anything, whether it’s a table in your warehouse or a Sigma report

Use our list view to understand which objects are multiple models downstream

End-to-end lineage

When issues occur, Reforge has a starting point to find the root cause and an understanding of the downstream impact to models and BI dashboards.

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Daniel Wolchonok

Head of Data
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