Column-level lineage in your entire data stack

Get the full picture of your data environment, from sources to BI tools and everything between—with no manual setup required.

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Take the guesswork out of refactoring

Ensure that upstream changes won’t cause downstream issues
See your dashboards and their components through our deep BI tool integrations
Easily switch between table-level lineage and column-level linage

Conduct impact analyses with confidence

Quickly investigate anomalies to see what assets are affected
Easily identify the upstream cause of data quality issues
Communicate data quality issues to the right stakeholders

Reduce data debt

Ensure that your most important assets are monitored
Identify models that can be refactored or deleted
Align your team around the highest-priority parts of your stack
A PR reviewer suggested removing some columns from an analytics table, but Metaplane’s lineage map showed me that one of the columns was being used on a critical company-level dashboard.
As a data engineer, I’m constantly asking myself how changes I make in the data transformation layer will affect the BI layer downstream. The lineage map has quickly become the tool I reach for to answer those questions.
Andrew Wilson
Data Engineer, Reforge

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