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Track who (or what) is querying your data to identify which assets deserve your attention and resources

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How usage analytics work

Detailed insights

Drill into table-level usage

Optimize your longest running queries by execution time and user(s)

Identify the day(s) of the week you can expect the most latency

Find service role(s) and user(s) responsible for the highest compute

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Ensure the most vital assets are monitored

Monitor and prevent data quality incidents for critical tables and columns

Add monitors to frequently used tables and columns

Identify critical objects by downstream model and report usage

How we calculate dependencies

Identify areas to reduce data debt

Highlight both common and slow queries for optimization

Reduce your compute bills, and ensure latency dependencies are seamless

Improve the ROI of your data stack with visibility into user-level queries

Understand query list breakdowns
Abnormal Spend Alerts

Spend analysis

Break down spend by user, warehouse, or role to identify high impact opportunities

Filter results by your most problematic time windows

Customized monitoring for each segment of your compute to direct focus

Snowflake Cost Optimzation

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