Be the first to know when something breaks

Instantly detect anomalies with a machine learning model that learns from your historical metadata.

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Quickly add monitors without writing code

Leverage automatic or manual thresholds
Change test frequency to suit your needs
Add tests in bulk or one by one
Custom test: Track daily event volume

Track anything with custom SQL monitors

Write custom code for more nuanced needs
Leverage anomaly detection for any query
Never run manual queries twice

Automatically blanket your warehouse with metadata monitors

Auto-track row count and freshness on every table
Get notified about the unknown unknowns
Have 1000s of tests running in minutes

Get alerted where your team already lives

Configure alert tolerance to prevent fatigue
Provide instant feedback to minimize false positives
Route specific alerts to chosen channels

Monitor types

Row counts
Alerts on changes to expected volume
Alerts on longer than expected update times
Alerts on new or removed unique values
Nullness / Uniqueness
Alerts on changes to percentage nullness or uniqueness
Alerts on changes to statistical properties like mean, min, max, standard deviation
Custom SQL
Alerts on anomalies for arbitrary SQL queries that return a number

Other features of the Metaplane platform

Start monitoring your data in minutes.

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