Be the first to know when something breaks

Instantly detect anomalies with a machine learning model that learns from your historical metadata.

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How it works

Metaplane imports dbt job lists and durations across all projects to alert on anomalous job durations. Parsing queries from the warehouse and dbt lineage allows us to create column-level lineage that shows where data quality issues live in your data stack.


Data quality assurance for everything dbt

Machine learning used to find anomalous job durations
Import dbt tags for consolidated object management
Alerting for your dbt test outputs

Prevent dbt issues

Make Metaplane a part of your regression testing and prevent breaking changes to your dbt models with our test and impact previews.


Full coverage

Support for both dbt core and dbt cloud
Integrations with popular cloud lakehouses to check outputs of dbt models
Alerting for your dbt test outputs

Monitor types

Row counts

Alerts on-changes to expected volume


Alerts no longer than expected update times


Alerts on new or removed unique values

Nullness / Uniqueness

Alerts on changes to percentage nullness or uniqueness


Alerts on changes to statistical properties like mean, min, max, standard deviation

Custom SQL

Alerts on anomalies for arbitrary SQL queries that return a number

Other features of the Metaplane platform

Monitoring & anomaly detection

Be the first to know when something breaks

Schema Change alerts

Increase awareness for the entire data team

Usage Analytics

Explore how your data is being used

Lineage and impact analysis

Understand the flow of data from source to usage

Data CI/CD

Prevent data equality issues in PRs

Job Monitoring

Catch stuck or long-running jobs as they happen

Start monitoring your data in minutes

Connect your warehouse and start generating a baseline in less than 10 minutes. Start for free, no credit-card required.