Data observability across the entire data stack

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How the Metaplane platform Works

How it works

Integrate your data stack and setup monitors within 15 minutes, then sit back while our machine learning uses your data profile to train and alert you to issues within 3 days.
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Build trust in your data
Improve ROI across your entire data stack
Spend less time triaging and more time building
SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA Compliant

Better data,
for your whole team

Know when things break

Machine learning-based monitoring for all of your data quality metrics

Provide model feedback and customize monitors with SQL

Self-maintaining: Monitors adjust tolerance as your data evolves

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Know what went wrong

Column level lineage generated from your metadata

Integrate with all your tools so that you can pick out the needle in the data stack

Incident and monitor audit history shares context to accelerate triage

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Know how to prevent it

Forecast downstream changes from model updates with our Github App

Schema change alerts for all tables, even the ones you’re not monitoring

Dependency and usage indicators identify critical tables

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Data quality management

Only receive the alerts you want to the channels you want

Group monitors, objects, and incidents into custom dashboards

Customize user access with roles and permissions

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Metaplane has everything I need in one place. It gives me full visibility into the quality and performance of my data.

Marion Pavillet
Senior Analytics Engineer

Using Metaplane feels like having another data team member dedicated to keeping up and watching every change.

Jake Hannan
Sr. Manager, Data Platform

Census helps me amplify analytics engineering work by ensuring data is used for more than just reporting. Metaplane helps me move faster, more confidently, and with greater trust from stakeholders.

Julie Beynon
Head of Data

Avoid the Urgent emails, find your data quality issue with Metaplane