Prevent data quality issues in pull requests

Halt PRs with unintended effects and prevent data quality issues from hitting the warehouse

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Raise awareness of data quality starting in the pull request

Metaplane can run checks directly in your source control system to ensure your data team can merge changes with confidence.

Identify the root cause of data incidents

Metaplane keeps track of pull requests so that when a data incident occurs, we can provide relevant context. For example, you can see recent pull requests that may have caused the incident to occur.

Data impact previews

Renaming or removing a column? Find out if you’re about to break a downstream BI dashboard or table before you merge any pull request.

Data test previews

Never merge a data breaking change again.

Metaplane can automatically run a suite of tests to ensure the data in your development branch is similar to your production data.

Other features of the Metaplane platform

Start monitoring your data in minutes.

Connect your warehouse and start generating a baseline in less than 10 minutes. Start for free, no credit-card required.