Prevent data quality issues in pull requests

Confidently merge pull requests by running automated regression and impact tests

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How Data CI/CD works

Impact analysis

Forecast downstream impact

See dependencies from tables in your warehouse to BI reports

Understand how schema changes affect your data structures

Proactively alert stakeholders to potential downtime to retain trust

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DATA TEST Previews

Understand how objects are impacted

Go deeper - a 1% change in uniqueness is nothing... unless it’s for primary keys

Never merge a data breaking change again

Prevent accidentally making more tickets than you close

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Integrated Management

Consolidate your workflows

Use our GitHub app for regression testing alongside every model update

Establish baselines for incident retrospectives

Triage issues faster with a view of Pull Requests related to every incident

Setup Github Integration

Avoid the Urgent emails, find your data quality issue with Metaplane