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3 Ways Data Teams Fail at Scaling Companies

Scaling data teams from zero is hard 🧗♀️. There are no easy shortcuts, and it is hard to find clear examples to learn from.

Join Kevin and David as they interview special guest Thomas in't Veld about three ways data teams fail at scaling companies.

Thomas is the CEO of Tasman Analytics, a boutique analytics consultancy that accelerates the data journey at companies like On Deck, Paired, and PensionBee. Thomas has seen it all, from building the first data stack at seed stage to scaling up at growth stage. 📈

Together, we’ll take you through three common mistakes data teams make, and tell you what you can do to avoid them! We'll be exploring three critical questions together. How do you:

  1. Build a data stack for today vs. tomorrow?
  2. Balance different considerations when designing data models?
  3. Deliver data value based that has meaningful impact on business outcomes?


Kevin Hu, PhD
Chief SQL Wrangler & CEO
David Jayatillake
Head of Data
Thomas Veld
Tasman Analytics
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