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Airbyte's Move Data '22 - 5 Root Causes of Data Quality Issues

Working with data should be available to all, not just the few. That belief has guided my work as a researcher and now founder. While I'm not 10x at anything, my goal is to build tools that make 10,000 people 2x as effective. Currently I'm helping teams ensure trust in data as co-founder and CEO of Metaplane, the Datadog for data. We're lucky to work with the best teams in the industry and top tier VCs to bring data observability to all data teams. Previously I was a researcher at MIT, where I led the teams working on the first applications of neural networks to visualization recommendation and semantic type detection, as well as an automated analysis tool. If you're interested in chatting about data (or physics, gaming, language learning, science fiction, or really anything you’re interested in) please do reach out.


Kevin Hu, PhD
Chief SQL Wrangler & CEO
Ensure trust in data

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