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Big Data London '22: Data Observability, from 1788 to 2032

Data Observability (DO) is an emerging category that helps data teams identify, resolve, and prevent data quality issues by continuously monitoring the state of their data over time. This webinar covers how DO emerged within modern data teams, and then how you can implement it in practice today.

In the first part, we’ll take a deep dive into data observability as a concept, starting from its historical origins (why it matters), defining the scope and components of DO (what it is), and wrapping up with actionable advice for putting observability into practice (how to do it).

After we establish a firm grasp of DO, we’ll walk through a demo of Metaplane, the only self-serve, developer-first DO platform. We’ll demonstrate how you can connect your data stack in less than 10 minutes, so that your team is the first to know of data quality issues — before your CMO pings you about a broken dashboard.


Kevin Hu, PhD
Chief SQL Wrangler & CEO
Ensure trust in data

Start monitoring your data in minutes.

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