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dbt Coalesce '22 - Maximizing data leverage at Vendr with dbt and Metaplane

How do you support exponentially growing companies without breaking as a data team? The answer is increasing your leverage with tools and processes. This session centers around four principles to achieve this goal: 1. don’t reinvent the wheel, 2. make your own job easier, 3. save time for innovation, and 4. invest in onboarding. First, the first data leader at Vendr, the SaaS buying platform with customers like GitLab, Brex, and The Washington Post, will share his learnings on building a stack and team that scaled as the company grew 10x from 30 to 300 employees in under two years.Second, we’ll give a demo of how Metaplane pulls lineage and metadata from a modern data stack that is centered around dbt. By the end of the demo, you’ll know how to setup tests, extract lineage throughout your data stack, and triage data quality alerts.More details coming soon!


Kevin Hu, PhD
Chief SQL Wrangler & CEO
Erik Edelmann
Head of Data
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