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Delivering Trusted Data with SMS: Snowflake, Metaplane, Sigma

Businesses rely on the Snowflake Data Cloud as the scalable single source of truth for data consumers to drive decisions and action.

With the foundation of a modern data stack in place, the next step is to deliver that data to stakeholders and ensure that the data is trusted.

Watch leaders from Snowflake, Metaplane, and Sigma for demos of how:

  • Businesses leverage Snowflake to centralize data
  • Sigma uses Metaplane to identify and manage data incidents with automated anomaly detection, lineage, and usage analytics
  • Metaplane uses Sigma to develop 360-degree views of customers for engaging at all steps along the customer journey

Check out the webinar to learn how these three key tools deliver trusted data as your business scales.

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Keith Smith
Senior Solutions Engineer
Kevin Hu
Chief SQL Wrangler
Jake Hannan
Senior Manager, Data Platform
Sigma Computing