Identify data issues within minutes, not days.

Metaplane continuously monitors your data stack and alerts you to issues — before an executive pings you about them.

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Automatically blanket your warehouse with metadata tests

Getting coverage in your warehouse doesn’t have to take hours.

For Snowflake, Redshift, and BigQuery, Metaplane leverages metadata available in the Information Schema to be able to instantly monitor for volume and freshness anomalies — as soon as you connect your warehouse.

Create detailed tests without writing code

Code-based tests take hours to write and maintain, so it's hard to achieve the coverage you need.

In Metaplane, you can add hundreds of tests within minutes. Point and click to add a test to a column or table, or add tests to all children of a table or schema.

Automated warehouse-to-BI lineage

Knowing about an issue is only half of the battle. Do executives use this data every day, or has it not been accessed in the past quarter?

Metaplane automatically establishes lineage from data in your warehouse to the dashboards used by your stakeholders.

Understand downstream impact, prioritize work, and get in touch with the right people. If you use dbt, we'll pull in that metadata too.

Mark true anomalies or false positives to easily improve models

Machine learning models don’t have to be black boxes.

Every slack message allows you to mark the alert as a real anomaly, or as a normal expected change. Metaplane incorporates this feedback to ensure future alerts are meaningful and relevant.

Row counts
Alerts on changes to expected volume.
Alerts on longer than expected update times.
Alerts on changes to statistical properties like mean, min, max, standard deviation.
Custom SQL
Alerts on anomalies for arbitrary sql queries that return a number.
Alerts on changes to percetange nullness or uniquneess
Alerts on new or removed unique values

Start monitoring your data in minutes.

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