Secure and Private
by design.

We are committed to security and focused on keeping you and your data safe. Metaplane does not store sensitive customer information and follows industry-leading standards. E-mail to learn more.
Compliant with SOC 2 & GDPR

Metaplane is designed to store no sensitive customer information and as little sensitive data about our customers as possible. SOC 2 report and Data Process Addendum available upon request.

Built atop the world’s most secure cloud infrastructure

Metaplane is built on top of Amazon AWS and Salesforce’s Heroku PaaS. Our servers are hosted in the U.S. and we only work with cloud providers whose datacenters are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.

Data encrypted in transit & at rest

Metaplane uses recent TLS versions for all connections from your browser to our app, our servers to your data tools, and internally between our own services. Metaplane encrypts its own databases at rest.

No customer data retrieved or stored

Metaplane only accesses aggregate metadata, such as row counts, freshness, and summary statistics. No sensitive customer information is retrieved or stored.

Secure SaaS for all, Isolation available if needed

Hybrid (you host the agent, we host the app) and pure VPC (you host it all) deployments are available for enterprise customers requiring logical isolation.

Start monitoring your data in minutes.

Connect your warehouse and start generating a baseline in less than 10 minutes. 30-day trial, risk-free.