Add a custom name to any monitor

You can now add a name to any custom monitor in Metaplane to give your team additional context

October 26, 2023

Product, Design

October 26, 2023
Add a custom name to any monitor

What’s in a name?

Well, a lot, actually. Imagine you have a row count monitor on your TRANSACTIONS table. Your team has a lot of transactions per day, so the monitor is useful. But over time, you start to tweak it.

It’s a lot of data, so you narrow it down to look only at the last day of transactions.

A certain set of transactions aren’t relevant, so you add a WHERE clause to filter those out.

And soon, it’s not exactly a run-of-the-mill row count monitor anymore. It’s something different. Something special. Something that deserves its own name, so that when you’re in the Metaplane app, or when you get an alert about an anomaly, you know exactly what monitor you’re looking at.

As of today, you can now add a custom name to any monitor in Metaplane. Simply hover over the existing name (by default, the name of the monitor is the monitor type), and click it to change the name.

We hope this makes your Metaplane monitoring experience just a little bit easier. Stay tuned—we have more updates to Metaplane’s monitors coming soon.

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