Introducing User Roles and Permissions in Metaplane

You can now designate users in Metaplane as viewers, editors, or admins.

August 24, 2023

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August 24, 2023
Introducing User Roles and Permissions in Metaplane

There sometimes comes a moment in a software tool’s life where things begin to…change. It might start out as a tool used by a single, dedicated team. But in time, other people at the company catch wind of all the time that’s been saved, all the insights that’ve been gleaned, all the workflows that’ve been simplified. And the tool goes from being used by a single, dedicated team, to a platform used by several teams and their stakeholders.

This is exactly what’s been happening to Metaplane, with customers both big and small. For data-driven companies, it’s not just the data engineers who care about the accuracy, completeness, and freshness of the data—it’s everyone who’s using the data. Metaplane has steadily become the source of truth when teams want to know if they can trust the data they’re building reports with, or feeding into integrations, or viewing on a dashboard.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re making using Metaplane easier for data-driven companies with our newest feature: roles and permissions. In this update, we’re adding two additional user roles to Metaplane: editors and viewers.


Editors in Metaplane will have the ability to create, edit, and disable monitors in Metaplane, as well as create and execute custom SQL monitors. They can manage incidents and mark data points as normal. Editors cannot add connections or edit connection configurations, they cannot manage other users in Metaplane, and they cannot create API tokens.

This role is perfect for if you want to add other technical folks to Metaplane, such as software engineers who will be responsible for the data downstream from their applications.


Viewers in Metaplane have the ability to view everything, but they don’t have the ability to add or edit monitors, manage incidents, or take actions that would adjust your ML modeling (like marking a failing data point as normal).

This role is perfect for if you want to add stakeholders to Metaplane to get a better idea of the status of the data they’re working with, like data analysts, team leads, and executives.

Roles and Permissions are simple to set up. Just navigate to the “Users” section in Settings. From there you can either change the role currently assigned to a user, or you can add a user with an editor or viewer role.

We hope that Metaplane’s new roles and permissions are useful as more of your team starts using the Metaplane platform.

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