Microsoft Power BI Integration

February 2, 2023

Co-founder / Engineering

February 2, 2023
Microsoft Power BI Integration

Metaplane now supports Microsoft Power BI. When you connect Metaplane to Power BI, our platform automatically ingests metadata about workspaces, reports, and dashboards and builds table level lineage to help power use cases like...

  • Data awareness: easily view and explore across PowerBI assets to understand how data is being used.
  • Data impact previews: when you open a pull request to rename or remove a column from a model, we’ll let you know which PowerBI dashboards you could potentially break, before you merge any code. Data teams can then proactively reach out to teammates before making changes.
  • Data incident impact analysis: when a data incident occurs, such as an anomalous change in row counts or distribution of data in a table, Metaplane can let you know exactly which PowerBI dashboards are impacted. This helps data teams let stakeholders know when incidents occur and share what data shouldn’t be relied upon until the incident is resolved.

Want to see lineage from your warehouse to PowerBI? Get started with these docs:

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