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New integration: Census

Metaplane becomes the first Data Observability tool to create integrations with reverse ETL provider Census

January 4, 2024

Hooked on Data

January 4, 2024
New integration: Census

You’ve set your data stack up for success by integrating your key sources, such as your CRM, marketing tools, and site analytics data, into your warehouse for your Customer 360 project. And to help your go-to-market teams prepare, you even made the smart decision of implementing Census so you can take your data beyond business intelligence dashboards and take action directly in the business tools you use every day.

This means that you’re able to do things like take your modeled data from your warehouse and tailor user profiles and groups to present unique product recommendations and brand journeys, in the span of a few minutes. One day however, someone on the marketing team might point out that a customer should’ve been classified as “campaign_group_AA” instead of “campaign_group_AB”, and after digging into your models, you see that the reason they were classified incorrectly was because of an errant transformation output caused by a schema change upstream. Someone had added a new field and silently deprecated the old column, meaning that the query was still referencing stale data and running as expected, until the incident was caught in the campaign.

Now, after catching and resolving the issue, you begin the process of query parsing to understand what Census syncs, business intelligence dashboards, and dbt models are referencing this table so that you can understand how to proactively alert stakeholders that there was an incident and following resolution.

At Metaplane, we believe in data activation to bridge the gap between marketing and data teams, but also understand that data can drift over time - which is why we built our latest integration with Census: so that your data teams are always aware of any data quality incidents and who they impact.

Census integration for data observability

Example of lineage generated by Metaplane

Current users of Metaplane already have the benefits of automated data quality detection, backed by proprietary machine learning models that determine the range of acceptable thresholds for your data, based on your data profiles. When there is an incident, you can use our automatically generated column level lineage features to 

  1. Accelerate root cause analysis to understand where an incident originated
  2. Identify downstream impact

Now, with our latest integration with Census, identifying downstream impact now also means understanding which Census Destinations are affected by any incident in your warehouse.

Kevin Hu, CEO of Metaplane, says:

❝We’re excited to support our customers moving to Real Time Activation with Census. Their dedication to data quality is something that we’re equally passionate about and appreciate their partnership to make this possible.”  

Boris Jabes, CEO at Census says:

❝We’re proud to pioneer Real-Time Data Activation to unlock the potential of using customer data to tailor user journeys and respond to buying signals. We know data quality is important to ensure that end customers are getting the right messages and brand experiences, which is why we’re excited to support this latest integration with Metaplane.”

Of course, Metaplane also has end-to-end integrations with the rest of your data stack, so whether that means an upstream transactional database, an ingestion or transformation tool, or a business intelligence dashboard, you’ll always be the first to know about any data outages and who they affect.

If you’re ready to get started, log into or create your Metaplane account to add a new connection. If you need help implementing your new reverse ETL integration, we have setup documentation for Census ready to go and are always available to talk!

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