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New integration: Hightouch

Metaplane offers visibility into data quality issues impacting your composable CDP

December 19, 2023

Hooked on Data

December 19, 2023
New integration: Hightouch

Last year, you were tasked with driving insights to understand customer behavior. Your Customer 360 analysis was so successful that your executive team asked you to automate decision-making with your customer data to capture even more opportunities.

Enter: Hightouch

Hightouch Events, Customer 360 Toolkit, and Reverse ETL, which syncs data to your go-to-market teams’ tools, made it an obvious choice to set up your Composable Customer Data Platform. Now, you can collect digital data, merge customer records and automate decisions using data from your warehouse, such as tailoring customer interactions based on their purchase journey.

As part of the data team, however, you don’t always have visibility into every single change made upstream, both in applications and cleanup models that were written in the past. Data drift is common, and may not be noticed until a stakeholder flags some odd behavior that they notice in their application. Hightouch offers native data alerting and observability features, but what if you want to manage and prevent data issues across your entire data pipeline, managing impacts across all products (including Hightouch?)  

Hightouch integration for data observability

Now, through our newest integration with Hightouch, you can see the impact of data outages on all of your data products, whether that’s a dashboard, datasets used to inform product suggestions, or data syncs powered by reverse ETL tools into your applications and product databases.

Tejas Manohar, Co-Founder of Hightouch, says:

❝We’re proud to enable hundreds of companies, from startups to Fortune 100s, to put their data to use in all of their tools. We take observability and error alerting seriously, and we’re thrilled to support this Metaplane integration to give companies another means to build trust and activate their data with confidence.”

You’ll see references to these in your end-to-end lineage graphs. With Metaplane, you also have access to column-level lineage to help you triage and understand impact for issues faster than ever before. This means you’ll be able to understand at a glance what Reverse ETL destinations are impacted by data quality issues on your source. Of course, as longtime Metaplane users know, integrating your entire data stack not only helps you triage faster with upstream visibility, but also understand impact on business intelligence dashboards alongside your Hightouch destinations. If you’re using other integrations offered by Metaplane, this means that you’ll be able to understand not only when there’s a data outage on the raw data or modeled output, but also whether that outage was caused by an errant dbt project or Fivetran connector. 

If you’re ready to get started, log into or create your Metaplane account to add a new connection. If you need help implementing your new reverse ETL integration, we have setup documentation for Hightouch and are always available to talk!

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