Tags on Monitors

You can now add tags at the monitor level.

October 4, 2023

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October 4, 2023
Tags on Monitors

A few months ago, we introduced tags in Metaplane, and they quickly became a fan-favorite feature.

It’s easy to understand why:

  1. Tags help provide an additional method of organizing your data stack.
  2. They allow for more granular alert routing. For example, if your marketing domain data in your data stack was tagged as “marketing”, alerts for those tables could be sent to the marketing data team. If your most critical tables were tagged with “critical”, those alerts could be sent to a #critical-alerts channel in addition to your main Metaplane channel for more immediate.
  3. If you had any existing tags set for your models in dbt, we’d pull those into Metaplane to save you the work of having to recreate them all from scratch.

But there was one feature request that kept showing up in our inboxes, kept popping up in Slack, kept coming up on calls.

“Sometimes I care about some of the monitors in a table, but not other ones. Can I add tags at the monitor level?”

We’re thrilled to announce that as of today, yes. Yes you can.

Adding a tag to a monitor is as easy as adding a tag to a table. Simply navigate to that monitor in Metaplane, click on the tag icon next to the monitor name, and add either an existing tag to the monitor, or create a new one.

With this update, you now have extremely granular control when it comes to alert routing. You can now send only the monitors you care about to an individual alert destination, whether it’s Slack, MS Teams, email, or Pagerduty, keeping everything in that channel well organized and relevant.

We hope this is useful, and we have more exciting tag updates to come!

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