A Better Way to Manage Schema Change Notifications

May 3, 2023

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May 3, 2023
A Better Way to Manage Schema Change Notifications

Schema change notifications are one Metaplane’s most popular tools. When schema change notifications are turned on, Metaplane monitors your data environment for any additions, deletions, or type changes to the tables and columns in your schemas. You can use them keep a close eye on important parts of your data stack, or to confirm that the column or table you added or changed went through as intended.

But there are probably certain parts of your data stack that you don’t care to monitor for changes. Maybe you use dbt and don’t want Metaplane to keep track of changes to temporary tables. Maybe you have an integration that frequently alters the tables or columns in a particular schema, and it’s just too noisy. Maybe different teams manage different databases, you’d rather not get alerts about changes in another team’s database.

Metaplane has long had the ability to filter out which schema changes you want to receive notifications about. But starting today, Metaplane’s schema change alert settings are clearer and easier to use than ever.

Now, in addition to the advanced rule builder, you’ll see a set of toggles for every database, schema, and table for each connection. You can quickly switch off (or on) notifications for different parts of your data environment. You can also see at a glance which schema change notifications your organization is receiving without having to parse complicated custom rule logic. You can still customize the schema change alert settings individually for each alert destination, whether that’s a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel, an email address, or a Pager Duty team.

It may be a relatively small change, but it’s one specifically designed to save you time and effort as you configure Metaplane to fit your company’s structure and workflows.

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