A New Way to Manage your Monitors

Metaplane has built a new way to manage your monitors, including improved filtering, bulk actions, and increased visibility into the status of your monitors.

March 28, 2023

Product, Design

March 28, 2023
A New Way to Manage your Monitors

Setting up and managing your company’s monitors is a critical part of getting the most out of Metaplane’s anomaly detection capabilities. But we here at Metaplane also know that “managing monitors” probably isn’t terribly high on your list of favorite things do to at the office. We get it—it’s not on ours, either (and we love monitoring data).

That’s why we built our new monitor management experience to be simple, streamlined, and straightforward. The next time you navigate to a database, schema, or table in Metaplane, you’ll see a new “Monitors” tab. Inside that tab lies everything you need to manage your monitors, including…

A menu so you can easily see all the monitors of each type within that database, schema, or table.

The ability to filter and select monitors by name.

Bulk actions, including the ability to reset, update, and disable several monitors at once.

A quick view of any offline monitors in your account.

The ability to see all disabled monitors in your account, in case you’d like to re-enable them.

This monitor management experience is also available for dbt job monitors.

If you’re a Metaplane user, you can try it out in your account today—and then get back to whatever more interesting work you have on your plate.

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