Announcing Metaplane’s Spring 2023 G2 awards

Our latest G2 awards represent our continued efforts to push the boundaries of Data Observability, as well as user feedback to help prospective future users make Metaplane their tool of choice.

May 24, 2023

Hooked on Data

May 24, 2023
Announcing Metaplane’s Spring 2023 G2 awards

First, and most importantly, thank you to everyone who took the time to review Metaplane on G2. Your reviews are instrumental to others who are evaluating Metaplane and the Data Observability space. If you’re a current user that’d like to submit your input or just interested in seeing all reviews, please head over to our page.

How does G2 relate to Data Observability?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with G2, it’s a leading software review website. You can use it not only for Data Observability platform evaluation, but for evaluating almost any other software you’d like to use, including G2 itself. We’re especially excited to showcase our latest Spring 2023 awards, which are among the first in G2's brand new Data Observability category.

G2 Badges that we’re excited about

Before we get to the awards themselves, we’re honored that users have rated us the easiest tool to use in the entire Data Observability category. This speaks our product and engineering teams' efforts to make implementing data quality monitors and preventing data quality incidents easier than ever before.

Best Usability

One of our biggest goals is to avoid becoming shelfware; after all—no matter how powerful a tool is, if it’s hard to use, users tend not to use it (surprising, we know). In this case, lower adoption of Metaplane would mean data quality issues continuing to persist.

Read more about Vendr’s experience with Metaplane here.

Fastest Implementation

Data teams are the heart of any successful business. They influence the decisions that drive the business forward. As a result, they often have a lot on their plates, and a fast implementation period is key to fitting within their workloads.

Read more about Appcue’s experience with Metaplane here.

Easiest to do Business With

Read more about Gorgias’s experience with Metaplane here.

What does Metaplane do?

If you’re just trying to understand what Metaplane does, we wanted to highlight this review, which sums it up pretty succinctly. 

Read more about Teachable’s experience with Metaplane here.

Looking forward

We're excited to continue delighting customers and pioneering the Data Observability space, with releases such as Data Test Previews, Column Level Lineage, and automatically Suggested Monitors. We deeply appreciate those who have left reviews already, and would love your input if you're a current Metaplane user. If you'd just like to improve data quality today, sign up for your free account here.

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