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Custom dashboards in Metaplane

You can now create custom dashboards in Metaplane to monitor the data health of different segments of your data stack.

October 5, 2023

Product, Design

October 5, 2023
Custom dashboards in Metaplane

We recently made the first steps towards a much more powerful and actionable data health dashboard in Metaplane. The new dashboard provides a high-level view of your data stack as a whole, and shows where in the stack any incidents are located and what types of data quality issues those incidents might be.

But it’s rare that everyone in your company will care about the whole stack. To start, your data stack might be sprawling, comprised of several databases, dozens of schemas, and hundreds or thousands of tables. It might be complex enough that different individuals or teams are responsible for different parts of your stack. Your data analysts might care only about specific tables referenced in their BI dashboards. Your software engineers might care only about the tables created from their application data. Soon enough, everyone in your company has their own individual lens on the data most important to them.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that there’s a custom data quality dashboard option for your entire team in Metaplane.

Built with tags

We’ve built our custom dashboards using a very popular and highly-used Metaplane feature: tags. For dbt users, we automatically pull in any tags you already have on your dbt models. For non-dbt users, or for users who want to add Metaplane-only tags in addition to your dbt tags, you can add tags to any table or monitor in Metaplane.

You can add a tag to any table or monitor in Metaplane

As part of this update, every tag in Metaplane will have its own dashboard. You will find these custom dashboards by navigating to the main dashboard, then selecting “All dashboards”. There you’ll see a list of all the tag dashboards in your account.

Select a dashboard from your current tags, and star your favorites for easy access

If one of the tag dashboards is relevant to you, simply click the star next to it. This will create a tab on your homepage for that dashboard.

The tag dashboard is similar to our overview dashboard. You can see the status of any tagged tables or monitors, and navigate to those tables or monitors directly from the tag dashboard. We also show any incidents, offline monitors, of sync issues associated with the tagged items.

A custom dashboard

You can also easily add a new dashboard from the “All dashboards” menu. Simply type in the name of the dashboard you want to create, and click “Create new tag”.

Create a new dashboard

This will create a brand new dashboard, and you can add the tables or monitors you wish to it.

A new dashboard, ready for your data

More to come

We’re thrilled that data teams all over the world now have the ability to add customized data quality dashboards, but this only the beginning of Metaplane’s dashboard journey. In the coming months we’ll continue to add useful metrics to your dashboards that make assessing your company’s data health and taking action on data quality metrics even easier.

If you’re a Metaplane customer, you’ll find this feature ready to use in your account today. If you’re not? Sign up for your 14 day trial now, or talk to one of our data quality specialists about how Metaplane can help everyone at your company trust your data.

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