Data Quality Reimagined: Metaplane’s Commitment to Supporting Snowflake Data Metric Functions

What if data quality could be automatically measured and monitored in the Snowflake Data Cloud? Imagine predefined data quality metrics that provide valuable insights without extensive manual configurations.

June 28, 2023

Co-founder / Data and ML

June 28, 2023
Data Quality Reimagined: Metaplane’s Commitment to Supporting Snowflake Data Metric Functions

At Metaplane, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of data observability. Today, we're excited to announce our plan to support Snowflake's upcoming Data Metric Functions throughout the release lifecycle, from Private Preview to Public Preview to General Availability. In this blog post, we'll explore the alignment between Snowflake and Metaplane, how we plan to support these functions, and why our partnership is a game-changer for data teams.

Snowflake's Upcoming Data Metric Functions: Transforming Data Quality Monitoring

At a recent event, Snowflake unveiled an innovative feature on their roadmap: Data Metric Functions. These functions aim to automate the recording and centralization of measurements on tables within your data warehouse on Snowflake, and represent the continually increasing focus on data quality as underpinning business success. While they are not yet available, their potential impact on data quality monitoring is significant.

One of the standout applications of Data Metric Functions is the ability to leverage pre-defined data quality metrics out-of-the-box. Imagine effortlessly assessing the number of values in an Age column that meet a custom `VALID_AGE` criteria. Snowflake is also planning to offer other predefined metrics, such as volume, freshness, and statistics. By executing these metrics periodically or on-demand, and focusing on incremental data scans for cost efficiency, Snowflake will provide centralized results in an output table within your Snowflake instance.

Aligned for Success: Snowflake and Metaplane

The alignment between Snowflake and Metaplane is rooted in a shared vision of empowering data teams with comprehensive data observability solutions. Snowflake's elastic and separate compute warehouses have already revolutionized the data landscape by eliminating the trade-off between data quality and performance. Now, with the introduction of Data Metric Functions, Snowflake users can tap into native functionality that is secure, reusable, and centralized.

Metaplane, as a leading data observability platform, recognizes the immense value of Snowflake's Data Metric Functions. We're excited to announce that we're actively working to integrate these functions into our platform. Our aim is to leverage Data Metric Functions "under the hood" for Metaplane checks, optimizing performance and accuracy. By utilizing the centralized tables created by Snowflake’s Data Metric Functions, we will enhance our state-of-the-art anomaly detection models, enabling our customers to gain actionable insights into their data quality.

Unleashing the Power of Data Quality: Metaplane's Commitment

Our commitment to supporting Snowflake's Data Metric Functions is driven by our dedication to delivering top-notch data observability tools. Metaplane offers an intuitive UI, API integration, and monitors-as-code capabilities, making it effortless for data teams to deploy and manage monitors effectively. When integrated with Snowflake's Data Metric Functions, our platform will provide unparalleled data quality insights, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Through our collaboration with Snowflake, we aim to reach as many Snowflake customers as possible. Together, we'll help mitigate compliance risks, address business risks such as missing SLAs, and establish credibility through accurate and reliable data. By unlocking the potential of data observability, Metaplane and Snowflake are poised to redefine how data teams achieve exceptional data quality within the Data Cloud. 


Metaplane is excited to announce our support for Snowflake's upcoming Data Metric Functions. By integrating these functions into our data observability platform, we aim to revolutionize data quality monitoring. Together with Snowflake, we will empower data teams with comprehensive solutions that automate data quality measurements, enhance performance, and provide actionable insights. Our partnership signifies a commitment to delivering unparalleled data observability and driving meaningful outcomes for Snowflake customers.

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