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Metaplane Achieves Snowflake Premier Partner Status

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Snowflake as we announce that we're officially the first Data Observability tool to pass the Technical Validation process to achieve Snowflake Premier Partner status. We’ve chosen to continue investing in our Snowflake partnership in part due to the extremely positive feedback provided by joint customers such as SpotOn, Vendr, and Mux, about how Snowflake’s helped them to efficiently scale their data workloads.

June 27, 2023

Hooked on Data

June 27, 2023
Metaplane Achieves Snowflake Premier Partner Status

What is Snowflake Premier Status?

A Snowflake Premier Partner is a highly esteemed designation awarded to organizations that possess exceptional expertise in utilizing Snowflake's cloud data platform. Partners need to take on rigorous training and certification processes, allowing us to provide customized solutions tailored to their clients' specific data and analytics needs.

How do you achieve Premier Status?

As the first Data Observability tool to go through the recently-created Snowflake Premier Partner validation process, we thought it’d be interesting to show you what we had to undertake behind the scenes, proving:

  1. Technical Validation - We had to undergo numerous tests and demonstrations to show the efficacy of our product towards finding and triaging data quality issues.
  2. Expertise and Certification - To bring partners up to speed, Snowflake regularly meets with our team to keep updated on Snowflake’s best practices.
  3. Customer Satisfaction - In addition to the companies mentioned above, we’ve also been able to improve data quality for other customers using Snowflake, including Car & Classic, Appcues, and Reforge.
  4. Collaboration with Snowflake - This is one that we’re very excited for. In the past, through our Snowflake Select partner status, we launched the first Snowflake-native Data Observability application 

What does that mean for customers?

“I’m excited to elevate our partnership with Metaplane to ensure reliable and accurate data as customers continue to push the envelope with what they’re doing with their data in Snowflake.“

says Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

As Snowflake Data Cloud continues to expand their use cases, we’ll have exclusive access to ongoing product development plans so that we can properly plan for any collaborative product releases. This gives us advance access to create more features, such as Snowflake Data Lineage, to help you improve data quality within your data stack. We’re currently working on something new with them that'll be officially announced after Snowflake Summit - stay tuned for more!

Looking forward

If you’re a Snowflake customer and not currently using Metaplane, you can set up a free Metaplane account and integrate Snowflake to immediately understand schema changes and set up data quality monitors. 

If you're attending Snowflake Summit, please come find us at Booth #2161-D (located in between Basecamp east and west) to learn more about Metaplane, ask about your particular use case, or just say hi! 

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