Flexible Schema Changes

Schema changes may have implications that affect various groups of individuals within an organization. The relationship between the various parts of a database and their respective stakeholders can be complicated — data analysts may care about specific set of tables or schemas while the data engineers have a broader set of concerns.

November 10, 2022

Co-founder / Engineering

November 10, 2022
Flexible Schema Changes

Sending all schema changes to a single Slack channel where all possible collaborated have been gathered is one approach that helps make sure that notifications are received. However, for various reasons, that approach will also make it unlikely that the notifications are read. In the best case, these "catch all" channels make it hard to consume what you care about while in the worst case they're totally ignored. A better approach would be to send curated schema change alerts to the channels where stakeholders already work.

Metaplane now allows you to create fine-grained schema change alerting rules per Slack channel, per database.

For help getting started, check out our docs.

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