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Metaplane Recognized as G2 Leader in Data Observability: How We Got Here and What's Next

Today I’m happy to announce that Metaplane is recognized as a G2 leader in the Data Observability category. We are #1 in satisfaction among all products in our category with an average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars across 65 reviews and an NPS score of 90.

September 14, 2023

Co-founder / Data and ML

September 14, 2023
Metaplane Recognized as G2 Leader in Data Observability: How We Got Here and What's Next

Straight off the bat: the credit goes to our customers.

Helping data teams sleep better at night is the why that motivates us. Building a great product that functions as a "data quality engineer-in-a-box" is the what. Iterating closely with customers (we still have regular calls with most of our 100+ customers) is the how.

Metaplane is the #1 Highest Satisfaction and Highest Rated Data Observability product in G2:

Early Innings

The fact is that Data Observability is still an emerging category. No one knows what the edges will look like in 2033. How could we, when the data industry itself is changing so rapidly? Cloud Data Warehouses are still being adopted, and data is still working its way to revenue-generating veins within companies.

What we do know at Metaplane is that we're chasing a feeling. Many data teams today feel overwhelmed, like they're working in the dark, and are hesitant to go on vacation. Our mission is that data teams in 2033 feel the exact opposite. They should feel proactive instead of reactive, in full control rather than flying blind, and have confidence in the data they use to lever the organization.

Chasing that feeling means continually pushing the boundaries of our category. At Metaplane we believe the best way to push those boundaries is to treat our customers like design partners. How they use Metaplane establishes best practices, which we then build into the product and bring to other customers. As a result, data teams level up our product while also elevating the industry.

Building Best Practices into a Product

But it takes two to tango. We can't expect to work with high caliber teams without matching their zeal. Our product and engineering team are in all of our shared Slack channels and email threads. They're the best in the game at distilling customer ideas into best practices, which then reified and scaled in our product.

Some customers are impressed when we ship feature requests within 24 hours. To us, that's the standard. Companies live and die by how quickly they improve the product. We commit to being the fastest shipping company in the Data Observability category.

So far, that's been true: just look at our Changelog. In the past year, we've built the first integrations with leading analytics tools like Sigma, ETL tools like Fivetran, and transactional databases to provide your teams coverage, no matter your data stack. We also been the first in the category to integrate with your workflow tools, such as in Github, to help prevent incidents caused by making changes to your dbt models.

All of this is supported by the rearchitecture of the Metaplane backend to be a more versatile and flexible metric store, not only enabling new use cases and flexibility in the short term but ensuring adaptability in the long run.

What's Next: Our Commitment to our Customers

We've helped data teams of all sizes ensure trust in data while working within the flows that're most intuitive for them, whether it's our UI or a programmatic option like our API, our CLI, or configurations-as-code.

But we have to recognize that it's not enough to only have trust from the data team. The broader business must trust data as well.

Helping expanding data trust across the business is an ongoing journey. That means focusing on both the programmatic aspects of Metaplane, as well as the importance of building an intuitive UI paired with best-in-class models. Alerts should land in the place of maximum relevant and context. Many teams choose Metaplane for this very reason: the data team loves using it, and shortly after, the business team follows suit.

Our approach to working with customers has helped us achieve leadership, and we don't plan to change our DNA any time soon.

We are committed to long-term alignment with our customers. Yes, we have an NPS score of 90 and the best-in-class product. But we don't want to be complacent when our space is rapidly evolving and customer needs changing. Yes, Metaplane is the easiest-to-adopt product in our space, but that doesn't stop us from making it even easier. Data Observability should be a no brainer.

And when it comes to company decisions, we're committed to making the best financial decisions for our customers. Just as the price of a product should reflect the value that customers derive, a company's growth should mirror the value it provides to the market.

If you want to join in the journey of helping define this emerging category, please do reach out to the team for a demo or sign up for a free account today. We'd love to work with you.

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