Metaplane Daily Slack Update

April 4, 2023

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April 4, 2023
Metaplane Daily Slack Update

As a data engineer, you probably have a lot you need to stay on top of. From migrations and managing stakeholder requests to refactoring and debugging issues, you have limited attention and energy to devote to the myriad things on your to do list.

Here at Metaplane, we want to make sure your attention stays on the big stuff. That’s why our newest feature, Metaplane Daily Updates, help turn down the noise by putting all of our less-timely updates into a single, convenient spot.

You’ll see three different pieces of information in your Daily Update:

  • Sync issues with your connections
  • Offline monitors that need your attention to diagnose
  • Incidents that have not yet resolved

This update not only removes the daily incident reminder notifications, but provides valuable insight that were previously difficult to find, such as which monitors are offline and when those monitors stopped running. As part of this feature, you can now link from the Slack alert directly to a view of all offline monitors for a given database.

You will still receive timely updates about new incidents and schema changes. This feature is live for all Metaplane customers who use Slack.

We’re hard at work helping you improve trust in your data in less time than ever. We promise to send a maximum of 1 update email per week.

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