Microsoft Teams Integration

February 14, 2023

Co-founder / Engineering

February 14, 2023
Microsoft Teams Integration

Today we're announcing that Metaplane now supports Microsoft Teams. You can configure Metaplane to send incident alerts for any database, schema, table, or column, as well as schema changes, to any Microsoft Teams channel.

Data incident workflows

Metaplane will send you a notification in MS Teams whenever our machine learning models identify an anomalous data quality issue.

Schema change notifications

Receive notifications in MS Teams whenever schemas, tables, and columns are added, removed, or renamed. You'll also get a heads up if a column has a change in its data type.

Impact analysis in every notification

Whenever Metaplane sends data incident alerts, you’ll be able to see the downstream impact to other tables and BI dashboards.

Now, if you use Teams as your communication hub, you'll have all the power of Metaplane at your fingertips without needing to switch apps. And each time you loop in your teammates to view an incident or help debug an issue, you'll keep building awareness about the importance of data quality across your organization.

Try it today in the Metaplane app.

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