New API Endpoint: Evaluation History

Users of Metaplane's API can now pull the evaluation history of your data quality monitors.

November 1, 2023

Hooked on Data

November 1, 2023
New API Endpoint: Evaluation History

You’ve been hard at work improving trust in your data with Metaplane. With the help of suggestions in the UI combined with your domain expertise, you’ve set up a robust data quality monitoring system that’s helped you find and resolve incidents before stakeholders notice anything amiss in their dashboards. 

You’ve experienced so much success improving data quality for your revenue analytics that you begin to think about additional monitor deployment for your marketing datasets. You know that your team prefers to work in VS Code rather than use any UI, the marketing team relies on your dashboards for their daily standups, and would like insight into any issues in the metrics they reference.

Luckily, you can point your team to Metaplane’s API that was launched to support custom orchestration timing, programmatic monitor creation, and context on your monitors. Our latest endpoint, showing the evaluation history of your monitor(s), provides additional context on your monitors to show when monitors most recently ran, expected bounds, and whether it passed or failed.

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