Introducing Suggested Monitors

March 30, 2023

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March 30, 2023
Introducing Suggested Monitors

As a data engineer, you like have a pretty good sense of what’s most important in your data environment. Even without Metaplane’s helpful lineage and usage hints, you could probably rattle off the most critical tables or columns used in your company’s reporting.

But most data environments are complex, with dozens of schemas, hundreds of tables, and thousands of columns. All that complexity makes it difficult to keep track of what's used on your C-suite's favorite dashboard, or what powers important business logic—especially when your data environment is constantly growing and changing.

And let’s be honest: you probably have better things to do than keeping all of those intricacies in your head.

That’s why we at Metaplane are excited to unveil our newest feature: suggested monitors.

Today, when you go into Metaplane (or connect Metaplane for the very first time), you’ll see helpful hints that show which monitors Metaplane recommends adding. These suggestions are individualized to your account, and are based on:

  • Usage
  • Linage
  • Column name and type
  • Insights we’ve gleaned from the types of monitors similar customers have added

…among several other types of criteria.

You’ll see the suggestion badge on individual table and column pages in Metaplane, indicating that this monitor might be one that you want to switch on.

Or, if you’d rather enable all suggestions at once, simply navigate to your new “Monitors” tab on a database, schema, or table. You can easily see the highest-priority suggestions for the tables and columns within that grouping. From there you can fine-tine which suggested monitors are added.

Our new suggested monitor feature is just one more stop on our quest to free up your brain for more impactful work—an area where we’ll never stop investing.

If you’d like to see your own monitor suggestions, this feature is live in your Metaplane account today.

If you’re not a Metaplane customer, you can sign up today. Your very own monitor suggestions are just a few minutes away.

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