Update to monitor creation flow

Configure your monitor for your teams' and business needs.

November 6, 2023

Hooked on Data

November 6, 2023
Update to monitor creation flow

Try it out. Add a new monitor. You’ll see an expanded side panel that now places monitor configuration alongside your monitor creation flow. As a quick refresher, this allows you to:

Custom SQL monitor configuration view

Note that a few configurations may differ between monitor types. For example, if you create a custom SQL monitoring, you’ll still be able to choose between automatic vs manual thresholds for alerting, but you’ll also see options for: 

  • Choosing which of Metaplane’s machine learning model types to apply to your custom SQL query. 
  • Designating an expected value format of returned data. 

Want to get started right away? Perfect, Metaplane will suggest monitors that you’ll see alongside your database, data warehouse, and data lakehouse integrations when you click into them via the UI, so that you’re immediately ready to make the highest impact improvements for data quality.

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