More visibility into alert destinations

You can now see where a monitor's alerts will be sent on the monitor page.

October 24, 2023

Product, Design

October 24, 2023
More visibility into alert destinations

Alerts are the one of the core components of Metaplane’s data observability platform, because what good is data observability if you have trouble knowing what’s going on inside of your data stack? For this reason, Metaplane supports several different alert destinations (Slack, MS Teams, email, PagerDuty) and alert routing down to the individual monitor level to make sure your team is always the first to know about data quality issues.

But with that flexibility came complexity. Oftentimes figuring out which monitor would send alerts to which alert destination was as easy as checking the alert routing settings. But for teams with many alert destinations and several sets of custom alert routing logic, figuring out what went where could get…challenging.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you’ll now see which alert destinations a monitor is being sent to right from the monitor page itself.

We hope this update helps make Metaplane’s alerts just a little bit easier to use.

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