New Monitor Types: SUM, Percent Negative, Percent Zero

March 29, 2023

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March 29, 2023
New Monitor Types: SUM, Percent Negative, Percent Zero

Metaplane empowers users to track many common metrics, such as the volume or freshness of a table, or the uniqueness and nullness of a column (and many more besides).

But business logic can be complex, and while Metaplane’s Custom SQL monitor builder is powerful, there are a few use cases that kept cropping up again and again. Now, these use cases have been built into Metaplane’s standard set of monitors.


Some of our customers use Metaplane to monitor important business metrics—including, for example, the sum of their revenue, or the number of minutes that customers use their products. Metaplane’s new SUM monitor helps make monitoring these use cases a breeze.

Percent Negative

There are many business metrics where a negative value can be a wrench in the works. With Metaplane’s percent negative monitor, you can quickly spot any such anomalies and fix them.

Percent Zero

Maybe you track the dollar amounts for recent orders and you want to make sure that there’s not a sudden spike in $0 orders. Or, on the flip side, maybe you have a column value that is supposed to get zeroed out, and want to make sure that logic is working as designed. The percent zero monitor can easily help with both of these use cases.

These monitors can be applied to any numeric column in Metaplane.

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